• Heard About Vanilla Beans For The First Time? Read To Understanding Their Rich History

    Vanilla happens to be the only edible and fruit-bearing plant in the orchid family. It is one of the most common organic spices and is extensively used in a lot of industries including food, cosmetic tobacco, and pharmaceutics. There are approximately 150 varieties of organic vanilla beans but only two types are used commercially, namely Bourbon and Tahitian vanilla beans.

    The insatiable demand from consumers for organic vanilla has led to a whopping 18,000 vanilla products in the market today with the price set at $300 per pound. Approximately 76 percent of organic consumers in America prefer buying organic food for their numerous health benefits. Here is a brief discussion about the rich history of organic vanilla beans.

    The Origin of Vanilla

    Initially, organic vanilla beans grew on the Atlantic Gulf of Mexico—from Tampico throughout the Caribbean. The early Totonac Indians who lived there were the first to discover the use of whole vanilla beans. After th Continue Reading