• Finding the Best Mexican Restaurants in Your Area Serving Authentic Mexican Food

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    For people who gets excited by good food, there is a whole universe of unexplored and untasted culinary territories that is waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. All you need to do is take a look at the immense variety of cuisine from different parts of the world, and you would have enough material of research to last you a lifetime, while also satisfying your taste buds and intriguing your culinary sensibilities. Word cuisine has always been a source of inspiration and adventure for those who appreciate good cooking, and this phenomena and manifests itself in this country in the most abundant way when it comes to Mexican cuisine.

    Mexican food has reached new heights of popularity in America, and for good reason. Apart from being neighbors physically, Mexico is also a country that produces live Continue Reading

  • Mexican Food and American People — A Love Story

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    While there are a few cultural differences between the United States and their southern neighbors, one thing is for certain: Both countries love Mexican food. If you were to ask 100 United States citizens what are the best Mexican restaurants, you might get 100 different answers, but why?

    Mexican food isn’t as simple a niche as it may seem. Finding the best Mexican restaurants is a Herculean task, at least partly due to the amount of options. There are almost 40,000 Mexican restaurants in the United States and another 30,000 that don’t classify themselves as “Mexican food” but serve burritos. It’s also estimated that about one out of every ten restaurants offers Mexican food, which is a higher rate than any other internation Continue Reading