• Hummus The Secret Ingredient You Food Has Been Missing

    Recipes with hummus

    Canada is known for it’s long, harsh, and often very dark winters, which is why Canadians love and enjoy the summer months that much more. And with summer weather, comes lighter fare such as cucumber cup recipes, deviled egg recipes, various dips and spreads, and of course hummus dips.

    While hummus dips are the perfect ingredient or accompaniment for fast and easy appetizers in the summer, this incredibly tasty bean-based condiment can be enjoyed all year round — even in the midst of a bitterly cold Canandian winter. In fact, as the popularity of hummus continues to rapidly expand, hummus is now being enjoyed by Canadians all year round, and not just for summer party appetizer ideas.

    For example, did you know that you can cook with hummus? Sure, hummus is sold and kept refrigerated, however, it Continue Reading