• 3 Ways to Incorporate Organic Micro Greens into Your Next Dish

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    Tiny, delicate versions of common vegetables have descended upon the cooking scene. Whether you?re in a fine dining restaurant or at a friend?s dinner party, your dish may very well be accented with these miniature veggies. But what exactly are these petite plate occupiers?

    They?re called micro greens, and their recent addition to the foodie world is hardly just a trend. These tiny versions of our everyday vegetables have been around for 20-30 years, but gained popularity in recent years for their distinct textures and ability to enhance even the simplest of plates.

    Organic micro greens, as is notably the best variation for obvious reasons, require a specific planting process. Seeds from common vegetables like spinach, pea or beet, are harvested as seedlings, before they mature to adults. This time s Continue Reading